Air Quality Tools

Alternative Fuels

The State of Utah’s grant and loan program is for government vehicles and private sector business vehicles and for refueling equipment that dispenses a clean fuel. The State of Utah provides a tax credit link to  for motor vehicles that meet certain air quality and fuel economy standards.

This EPA site provides information for consumers and manufacturers on alternative fuel vehicle and engine conversions.

The Utah State Legislature passed H.B. 70 in 2010 to address the safety and emission requirements of retrofitting vehicles to operate on compressed natural gas (CNG).

This U.S. Department of Energy Web site provides information on conventional vehicles and engines from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that can be altered to run on fuels like propane, natural gas or electricity.

The Utah Clean Cities website provides a list of alternative fuels, fuel prices, Utah fueling stations and benefits of alternative fuels.

The Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center website provides calculators, interactive maps and data searches to help fleets, fuel providers and other transportation decision makers reduce petroleum use.

The Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center site provides maps and charts showing transportation data and trends related to alternative fuels and vehicles.

This Natural Gas Vehicles for America fact sheet provides information about converting light-duty vehicles to natural gas vehicles.