Five Little Ways to Show UCAIR About Utah’s Air

While it doesn’t always look like it outside, inversion season is in full swing this winter. We’ve already experienced multiple “orange” air quality days in the Salt Lake Valley and can expect to see more as winter continues. However, making small changes to your current lifestyle can yield tremendous results … Read More

HollyFrontier Joins Utah Clean Air Partnership

SALT LAKE CITY, [November 28, 2018] — HollyFrontier Woods Cross Refining LLC announced today that it has joined the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR).
UCAIR is a statewide clean air partnership created to make it easier for individuals, businesses and communities to make small changes to improve Utah’s air. UCAIR … Read More

UCAIR November Partner Meeting

UCAIR’s monthly partner meeting recap is here! This installment covers our November 2018 partners meeting, our first Friday meeting. After a discussion with the UCAIR Board and many of the partners, this meeting was moved from the second Thursday of the Month to the second Friday of the month.  We … Read More

Wood Stove Conversion Assistance Program

The Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) and the Utah Department of Environmental Air Quality (DEQ) held a press event today for the launch of a Wood Stove Conversion Assistance Program to limit air pollution from wood burning stoves. The program was developed to incentivize residents to convert their fireplace or … Read More

Wood Stove Conversion Program

When it comes to achieving better air quality, often we think that means driving less. That’s absolutely right. What may not come to mind right away, though, is something right inside our homes.
Wood burning stoves are a significant source of air pollution, negatively impacting individuals’ personal health and the environment. … Read More

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